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Plugin Name Version Description Author Action
Allow Hyphens in Short URLs1.1Allow hyphens in short URLs (like <tt>http://sho.rt/hello-world</tt>)
plugin file location: hyphens-in-urls/plugin.php
Random Backgrounds1.0Pretty random background patterns
plugin file location: random-bg/plugin.php
Random ShortURLs1.2Assign random keywords to shorturls, like bitly (sho.rt/hJudjK)
plugin file location: random-shorturls/plugin.php
Sample Admin Page1.0A example of a plugin administration page to save user defined option
plugin file location: sample-page/plugin.php
Sample Plugin0.1Sample plugin to illustrate how actions and filters work. Read its source. Refer to the <a href="">Plugin API documentation</a> for more details.
plugin file location: sample-plugin/plugin.php
YOURLS Toolbar1.1Add a toolbar to frame your short URLs. Fork this plugin if you want to make your own toolbar.
Disclaimer: Toolbars ruin the user experience. Be warned.
plugin file location: sample-toolbar/plugin.php

If something goes wrong after you activate a plugin and you cannot use YOURLS or access this page, simply rename or delete its directory, or rename the plugin file to something different than plugin.php.

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